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As the director of an on-the-go wait staff company, I have been to 1000s of entertainment events over the years, and as such I have seen 1000s of different entertainment companies. Living and working in New York, you will see great companies, and you’ll see the worst of the worst. I have definitely seen both, and last night I saw one of the best. Actually, scratch that, the best I’ve ever seen. No other entertainment company even comes close. They are called Rock Star events, and they were awesome. They did a Bar Mitzvah, and I am scheduled to work with them for a Mat Mitzvah next week too (I am actually excited). The kids were dancing like there was no tomorrow, and even the adults were getting into it. The D had games, played the best and most popular bands and just simply had the best entertainment for an event like this. Loved it. Love them.

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